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Are you looking to sell your junk or used car, but don't want the hassle of finding someone to sell it to? Look no further! Our well running company offers you the simple process of giving your car to us for money that we'll pay to you! Most times, selling a car can be stressful process and you'll end up not getting as much money as your car is really worth.

Our company, located in Kansas City, will take your used or junk car for free and give you money in return. How does this work? First, we'll evaluate your car. Simply submit your vehicle information to us with our simple form and we'll have an offer for you in as quick as an hour. We accept any models, used vehicles, crashed cars, cars with mechanical issues and anything else. Once the offer we submit is accepted, we pick up your car for free and give you your money on the spot. Want your cash delivered to your home or office? No problem, we'll stop by and give you your cash.

The process overall usually takes one or two business days, so you'll have your car out of your hands very quick. There are no charges or fees, no paperwork fee or towing fee. Simply call us or visit us online to submit your vehicle, and we'll do the rest for you in no time.

The process is both simple and easy, quick and doesn't require a single dime from you! All it takes is three simple steps and you'll have money for your car, no matter what problems it may have. Our company has a high reputation for offering quick, reliable and safe services for a number of years. It's stress free for you and us, making it easy for all to work on selling your car within a day. our company has over 50 years of expertise, so you'll be beyond satisfied with our professionals and company. We buy cars in Kansas city, and offer you excellent services that make car selling quick and easy like never before!