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Who wants to deal with selling a used car themselves? No one wants people they do not know coming to their home or place of business to check out their old car. You do not know who they are or where they have come from. If your car is not running there could be additional costs for you to have it towed! We will buy your car at a competitive rate. Imagine a stress free car selling experience. That is just what we provide.

Cash for cars Kansas City is the best place to sell your used cars, cars that are not running and junk cars. Is your car sitting in your driveway waiting to be rescued? We will come to you and pay you in cash for your car, plus we pay for towing if it is not running. We will be there within 24 hours but we work hard to get there on the same day you call us.

Our company specializes in safe recycling and disposal of all materials and fluids in cars. Releasing toxic chemicals into the environment is a real possibility if you leave your car to rust outside. Before the chemicals seep into the ground call us to come get your car.

After we have taken your car off of your hands we do not just leave it in a junkyard. First and foremost, we drain all of the fluids out of the car and dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner. We take the car apart, down to the steel, and then crush it and melt the steel into a reusable form. This steel can be reused for a ton of different things and keeps costs down for everyone.

Call us today for the easiest car selling experience you will ever have! We accept just about any make and model. We can give you an initial quote over the phone before our people come to you. Cash for Cars operates 7 days a week so you can call us any time. Our hassle-free process is like no one else’s and it is something you will definitely appreciate.